All of our boats are Coast Guard certified and approved. And our boat staff has been trained to handle all of your needs. We provide an easy relaxed environment for your day on the water and we strive each and every day to make sure your experience on our boats fantastic.

Island Diver

68' L x 17' W - Fast, roomy decks, full canopy, gallery, generator, satellite TV and 300g/day fresh water maker. Licensed for 46, most comfortable with 25-30 divers.

Reef Runner

51' L x 15' W - Fast, roomy decks, full canopy, gallery and generator. Licensed for 28, most comfortable with 15-18 divers.

Capt. Suba II

48' L x 15' W - Fast, roomy decks, fully canopy and generator. Licensed for 28 most comfortable with 16-18 divers.