Scuba Classes

Entry level Open Water Diver Course available through, NAUI, PADI, & SSI

Selecting an instructor for your diving education is something you should not take lightly. At all skill levels the most important factor is the instructor not the agency that makes the difference in how much your get from the course.
Scuba diving is serious fun and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do. Our entry-level scuba programs are designed to get you, your family and friends into the water as quickly as possible, while at the same time, satisfying your individual training needs.
In multiple pool and open water sessions, you will practice scuba skills. Through Repetition teaching method. Some of the skills you will learn include:

•Moving in the water with ease
•Breathing normally under water
•Controlling buoyancy so you neither descend nor ascend
•The easiest ways to enter and exit the water
•Getting water out of your mask or mask clearing

We provide the gear for all of your open water course as part of the fee, we recommend that you invest in your own mask, fins and snorkel when you start diving in the Open Water Diver course because these have a personal fit for you. Your Instructor will help you choose ones that have the fit and features best suited to you.

Classes for the entry level
diver consists of three two-
hour classroom sessions.

Three two hour pool

One practice dive in the
fresh water springs.

One supervised dive trip
in the Gulf.


Meeting your personal objectives is our goal. Whether your goal is to dive on shallow water reefs, deep water wrecks, or any other type of diving, we can create a training program just for you and get you started on a lifetime of exciting adventure in diving.

NAUI is the world's oldest, most respected and second largest diver training agency in the world. Established in 1959 as a not-for-profit membership association and organized solely to support and promote Dive Safety Through Education, We offer a full range of training programs from Skin Diver through assistant Instructor , with dozens of specialty courses including Nitrox and technical diving. IANTD Courses Available through PCDC
Open Water Scuba Diver
Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver - EANx (Nitrox) Diver - Advanced EANx (Nitrox) Diver - Deep Air Diver - Referrals
Nitrox Resort Diver This program is designed to provide recreational divers with an introductory experience to the benefits of EANx diving. The diver may elect to dive the "mix" on EANx tables or conservatively using their dive computers on air tables with an added diver safety margin. The program does not certify divers as EANx divers and does not count toward EANx Diver certification.
Nitrox Diver This program provides recreational divers a safer breathing medium for enjoying dives in 40 fsw (12 msw) to 130 fsw (39 msw) depth range. The diver may elect to dive the mix on EANx tables or conservatively using their dive computers or air tables with an added diver safety margin. The IANTD Nitrox Diver certification is adaptable to being taught as a single program or by combining it with a variety of advanced or specialty diver courses.
Deep Diver This program has been developed to provide responsible training to divers who plan to dive to 130 fsw (39 msw) on air. The IANTD Deep Air Diver program trains divers in skills, performance, theory and planning of deep dives. This program remains within the commonly practiced depth of 130 fsw (39 msw). It is the first sanctioned program to provide proper international training in safe deep diving skills and performance. It is recommended that this program be taught in conjunction with the IANTD EANx Diver program.
Advanced Nitrox Diver This program is designed to extend the divers knowledge with O2 mixes of 22 to 40% and up to 50% for decompression. It further develops diving skills and provides a greater understanding of the Nitrox diving concept.

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